Fracture supervision and advisory services

Onsite fracture supervision and advisory services

Our onsite fracture advisors safeguard successful fracture execution in the field by responding to actual reservoir conditions and any operational issues experienced.

Benefits of our fracture supervision and advisory services

  • Highly experienced, independent onsite advisors
  • Application of best practices and best available technologies for each job
  • Intelligent fracture design and treatment decisions in real-time
  • Detailed tracking of chemical and materials inventory throughout the job
  • Pre-stimulation audits of service companies, equipment, material and fluids
  • Complete service from pre-job evaluation to post-stimulation reporting and evaluation
  • Optimum fracture execution, while avoiding any costly delays

Safeguarding fracture extraction

By working in collaboration with operators and service companies at every stage from pre-stimulation audits to post-stimulation evaluation, our fracture advisors safeguard the success of each job and help to optimize the next.

Fracture supervision & advisory services

Our key services include:

Pre-job evaluation and audit

Our advisors conduct pre-stimulation audits of equipment and testing of materials and use the latest technology to make recommendations on fluids, additives and proppant selection, thereby ensuring you use the most cost-effective or best available technology for each job.

Pre-job diagnostics and fracture design optimization

We supervise pre-treatment diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) and undertake analysis to understand wellbore permeability and stress values. Consequently, you will be able to make onsite adjustments to optimize stimulation treatment and fracture design and ensure that the right amount and size of proppant is placed. We can also advise on proppant-delivered production enhancement technologies to assure production, enhance flow and evaluate your fractures and completions.

Onsite fracture treatment supervision and quality control

Our advisors can conduct quality control procedures to ensure that industry best practices are always followed. They will make intelligent engineering decisions in real-time to ensure the optimum fracture and to avoid any costly delays to operations. Our advisors also perform detailed tracking of chemical and materials inventory throughout the job.

Post-stimulation reporting and evaluation

STRATAGEN advisors undertake post-stimulation analysis and provide recommendations on how to optimize the next stage or well as part of continuous improvement. Our onsite fracture advisory team is supported by our fracture engineering team to perform detailed fracture design and evaluation to optimize fracture treatments, and will carry out analysis to accelerate the optimization of field development plans.

Our STRATAGEN onsite fracture supervision and advisory service helps to safeguard the execution of the optimal fracture design at the wellsite which helps to increase production, recovery and efficiency on every job.


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