FALCON TECHNOLOGIES environmental services

Oil & Gas environmental protection solutions

FALCON TECHNOLOGIES, our Oil & Gas environmental services business provides spill prevention and containment, and asset protection solutions to oil and gas operators. Our solutions are engineered to protect our clients’ assets, reputation and the environment, and lower the total life operating costs of their assets.

Seamless, cost-effective protection

We produce a family of high-performance products featuring a unique and highly durable modified polyurea liner technology that outperforms HDPE, polyurethane and hybridized liners. Our proprietary liner technology is a spray-on polymer coating that provides a seamless, long-lasting, maintenance-free layer of protection for your wellsite. It extends the life of assets and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Your risk mitigation partner

As federal and state regulations regarding spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) become ever stricter, the ecological and financial costs of a spill or accident can be enormous, to say nothing of the damage to a company’s reputation. You need solutions that can protect your own interests as well as the environment. FALCON TECHNOLOGIES develops cost-effective programs and products that help achieve regulatory compliance, promote environmental stewardship and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Balancing environmental and financial stewardship

By mitigating risks, protecting assets and reducing overall costs of ownership, a containment system from FALCON TECHNOLOGIES represents a sound business decision.



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