STRATAGEN fracture consulting services

Fracture expertise and experience

STRATAGEN is our fracture consulting services business. Our teams of fracture engineers and advisors give our clients access to a wide range of expertise and experience gained across the major unconventional resources plays.

Our fracture consulting team helps you make well-informed decisions to meet your short and long-term objectives by providing impartial advice based on best practices and the best available technologies in the industry.

Collectively our team has over 500 years of expertise, with each team member having an average of 15 years’ experience in the field. In the last five years alone the team has published over 30 technical papers.

Achieve the optimum balance of contact and conductivity

STRATAGEN is a fracture consulting services business that provides fracture design and evaluation, well performance analysis, and onsite fracture supervision and advisory services, to identify the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir, and to safeguard fracture execution.

Our team uses their unique knowledge and experience of reservoir characterization, fracture design and treatment, and application of fracture technologies to deliver a range of industry-leading fracture consulting services that can be applied at any level from individual stages to entire fields.

Our services help operators enhance production, increase ultimate recovery, optimize field development and meet their economic objectives faster.

Fracture design and evaluation services - identify where wells are not performing as expected and how to enhance performance by ensuring each fracture design has the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir to meet production and economic objectives.

Fracture supervision and advisory services - onsite fracture advisors to safeguard the execution of the optimal fracture design at the wellsite based on reservoir conditions. Our team can perform real-time fracture engineering to overcome any fracture-related challenges experienced during stimulation.

Well performance analysis services - WELLWORX well performance analysis provides an index of the key completion success indicators to accelerate optimized completion and fracture designs for the reservoir. The service uses multi-well, data-driven linear and neural network analysis techniques to identify new recovery opportunities and the optimum field development strategy.

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