STRATAGEN provides industry-leading FRACPRO software portfolio provides unparalleled fracture design, analysis and monitoring capabilities to optimize production.

Empowering enhanced fracture design and execution

Whether the objective is evaluating past stimulation jobs or planning future ones, FRACPRO software portfolio, including FRACPRO CLASSIC, FRACPRO CONNECT, FRACPRO.OPS, STIMPRO, and the all-new FRACPRO.AI, provides unique insights into fracturing treatments to optimize designs to increase production and reservoir recovery rates.

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Our Products

Fracpro classic

Fracture design and analysis software improves well performance by providing the insight required to design successful stimulation programs

Fracpro Connect

FRACPRO CONNECT onsite fracture monitoring software

Fracpro Ops

Enables the tracking and management of stimulation assets


The real-time frac and post-job analysis online platform.


Comprehensive matrix acidizing analysis software that provides customer-tailored capabilities, programmed for both carbonates and sandstones.


Software Downloads

Download the latest versions of software.

Software Training

Learn from industry-acknowledged experts from STRATAGEN during a course designed to provide both the background fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and hands-on software training in the design and analysis of fracture treatments. With the comprehensive capabilities engineered into industry-leading FRACPRO and STIMPRO software, effective training is essential to get the most from your investment.

Software FAQ & Support

Access software installation troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. Learn more about added capability and annual upgrades.



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