Technologies and services driven to meet your completion challenges and to optimize your well performance

E&P operators continuously find new ways to improve production, increase recovery and deliver greater efficiencies. CARBO is driven to collaborate with our customers to develop innovative proppant and fracture technologies and services that will optimize well performance, so our customers can achieve the best possible return from every well.

Completion Applications

Hydraulic Fracturing

Integrate market-leading proppant technologies, software and fracture consulting to create engineered production enhancements solutions.

Gravel & Frac Packs

CARBO developed gravel pack technology that enables operators to efficiently create and evaluate high-quality gravel packs at low fluid viscosity and pump rates.


Effectively model all phases of your acid jobs, in carbonates and sandstones.

Injection Wells

With proven proppant pack consolidation technology, E&P operators are no longer required to limit water injection rates to protect the integrity of the annular pack. The bonded, high integrity proppant pack is created without closure stress and avoids pack washout, voids and loss of wells.

Featured Videos

The Development of KRYPTOSPHERE Technology

Watch Terry Palisch and Dave Norman discuss the development of KRYPTOSPHERE, the world's strongest proppant technology.

NANOMITE Technology Animation

NANOMITE C particles maintain production from microfractures and flatten the decline curve. Watch to see this technology at work.

CARBONRT inert tracer technology animation

See how an inert tracer technology has been developed to enable the cost-effective fracture evaluation of sand or ceramic completed wells to help you optimize completion efficiency, production and field development.

FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology

Watch CARBO's FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology at work. With FUSION, you can now create a bonded, high integrity proppant pack without closure stress. Providing well integrity critical to inject and produce at ultra-high rates required to improve well economics and increase EUR.


CARBOAIR significantly lower density can be used to replace the same volume of sand proppant reducing the use of water & chemicals. Watch this short clip to see this technology at work.

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