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Missed us at SPE HFTC 2018?
Find out more about our latest fracture technologies 

See the production enhancement possibilities created by our unique technologies

At SPE HFTC 2018, our 3D technology holograms provided a unique perspective on how our latest fracture technologies increase production, EUR and ROI from every well.

You can find out more information on how these new technologies can work for you by viewing the 2D technology videos featured below.

Technologies featured at HFTC 2018:

CARBOAIR technology

Build more productive wells

Create more space to flow and lower F&D costs with KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology.

Exceeds the conductivity, compressive strength and durability of other ceramic proppant to attain higher flow rates for the life of the well.

More on KRYPTOSPHERE technology and watch video >


Improve reservoir contact and recovery

Increase your propped reservoir contact and well productivity with CARBOAIR high-transport ceramic proppant.

The increased reservoir contact and conductivity improves production and EUR while lowering F&D costs.

More on CARBOAIR technology and watch video >


Long-term, cost-effective scale prevention

Sustain higher production rates and eliminate workover costs with SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology.

Field-proven to lower LOE and maintain inhibitor levels above the minimum inhibitor concentration for 500+ days.

More on SCALEGUARD technology and watch video >


Increase injection and production rates

Sustain long-term pack integrity in ultra-high rate injection and production wells with FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology.

FUSION technology enables you to capture more reservoir potential. Additionally, it can be employed for enhanced sand control in producing wells.

More on FUSION technology and watch video >


Optimize production and completion efficiency

Make informed development decisions based on precise nearwellbore propped fracture measurements using CARBONRT inert tracer technology.

These measurements improve your fracture modeling and help you to optimize your completion strategy and improve fracturing efficiency.

More on CARBONRT technology and watch video >


Discuss case studies of the production and ROI improvements delivered by our STRATAGEN fracture consulting team utilizing our WELLWORX well performance analysis service

More on WELLWORX >


View demonstrations of ASSETGUARD environmental protection solutions used in oil and gas applications

More on Oil & Gas solutions >

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