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STIMPRO 2019 is packed with even more powerful matrix design and analysis features

19 Aug 2019

STIMPRO, the world’s most widely used matrix stimulation design and analysis software, provides capabilities to optimize all phases of acidizing work. STIMPRO 2019 includes even more powerful features, such as a machine learning model that eliminates the need for users to perform individual...

FRACPRO 2019 offers powerful new features for enhanced fracture model accuracy

18 Feb 2019

FRACPRO 2019, the latest version of the revolutionary hydraulic fracture engineering software, is now available. This version includes numerous useful new features, intended to improve ease-of-use, enhance users’ ability to access important information, and expedite design and diagnostic an...

Terry Palisch Receives SPE Distinguished Membership and Distinguished Service Award from Society of Petroleum Engineers

26 Sep 2018

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) recently honored Terry Palisch with SPE Distinguished Membership and Distinguished Service Award at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held 24-26 September in Dallas, TX. Palisch is Global Engineering Director at CARBO Ceramics.  ...

FUSION technology selected for BP 2017 Helios Award

15 Jan 2018

A project utilizing FUSION technology for Stimulation and Proppant Pack Consolidation was selected for the BP 2017 Helios Award. The technology creates a bonded, high integrity proppant pack without closure stress. This provides the well integrity critical to inject and produce at the ultra-high ...

Terry Palisch nominated to serve as SPE Technical Director Completions

06 Apr 2018

Terry Palisch, CARBO, has been nominated to serve as the SPE Technical Director Completions effective June 1st, 2018.   Terry Palisch is the global engineering director at Carbo Ceramics in Irving, Texas. He began his career with ARCO, during which he served 4 years in Algeria and 10 years...

CARBO rated #1 in performance and reliability

12 Feb 2018

CARBO has been rated the highest by customers in performance & reliability among all providers in the category of completion-related fluids, chemicals and proppants. The top rating was received in EnergyPoint Research’s most recent Oilfield Products & Services Customer Satisfaction...

CARBO conducts industrial hygiene study

10 Nov 2017

Evaluation on the degree of employee exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) concludes no detectible level of RCS.In addition to an earlier Industrial Hygiene (IH) study conducted at the CARBO Eufaula, Alabama facility, CARBO conducted the same IH study at its Toomsboro, Georgia facility ...

FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology provides new sand control solution for injection wells

25 Apr 2017

During an interview in a recent Upstream Technology, BP discusses the use of FUSION technology in onshore field trials in the US and in two wells in the Gulf of Mexico due to a need for “a sand control solution that would not be washed away during water injection operations.” FUSION ...

CARBO ranked #1 in proppant for second year running

21 Jun 2017

CARBO has been ranked #1 by customers in EnergyPoint Research’s most recent Oilfield Products & Services Customer Satisfaction Survey. CARBO was rated first in proppants category for the second consecutive year, and also topped the performance and reliability category. The results indi...

ASSETGUARD Expands into Industrial Applications

15 Jun 2017

HOUSTON (June 15, 2017) – CARBO Ceramics Inc. (NYSE: CRR) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, ASSETGUARD™, is expanding into industrial applications to provide a range of proven products that deliver seamless, durable, maintenance-free protection of the environment and a...

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