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A New Method to Identify Proppant Location in Induced Fractures

A new technique is discussed and tested in this work for proppant placement determination. Nuclear Monte Carlo modeling was performed to demonstrate the validation of this technique. The final interpreted locations of proppant are shown in two field examples from China.

Technical paper
SHOPGUARD Product Information Sheet

Durable, resilient flooring for commercial or industrial use

Product information sheet
SCALEGUARD tops competitors to become scale inhibitor of choice

Field trial reveals wells treated with proppant-delivered technology remain scale-free after two years

Case history
CARBOAIR enables the effective completion of a long open hole gravel pack (OHGP) in the North Sea

CARBOAIR® high-transport, ultra low-density (2.0 ASG) ceramic proppant technology enables operators to efficiently create a high-quality gravel pack at low fluid viscosity and pump rates

Case history
KRYPTOSPHERE LD helps enhance production in high-stress Colombia well

Post-field trial analysis shows higher conductivity than other proppant tested

Case history
System improves ability to detect location of proppants in reservoir

Hart Energy E&P, July 2017: CARBO has developed a method to detect proppant in the far field, known as QUANTUM quantified propped reservoir volume imaging.

Published article
Casting defects eliminated, saving a billion-dollar casting project

Switching to ACCUCAST ceramic casting media from olivine sand achieved necessary dimensional tolerances for aluminum marine foundry project. The challengeA captive aluminum marine foundry had a new billion-dollar project that was scheduled for startup. They were not able to meet casting dimensional tolerances using their existing olivine sand media. The project was in critical jeopar...

Case history
Nickel mining operation reduces media consumption 75% by switching to CARBOGRIND ceramic grinding

CARBOGRIND high performance ceramic media provides significantly longer media life and improves grinding efficiency to reduce media consumption, replacement costs, and wear on mechanical equipment.

Case history
Mining company reduces media consumption 50% by switching to CARBOGRIND ceramic grinding media

Durability of CARBOGRIND high performance ceramic media significantly improves grinding efficiency, reduces media replacement costs and decreases mechanical equipment wear.

Case history
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