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FALCON TECHNOLOGIES provides a seamless, durable, maintenance-free layer of protection for your wellsite that reduces risk and lowers lifetime cost. Our high‑performance environmental products and systems feature the proprietary FALCON LINER modified polyurea lining and coating technology.


FALCON TECHNOLOGIES environmental products and services provide a seamless, durable, maintenance-free layer of protection for your wellsite that reduces risk and lowers lifetime cost.

FRACPRO leaflet

The versatile FRACPRO software portfolio provides unparalleled fracture design, analysis and monitoring capabilities that enable the engineering and execution of fracture designs to optimize production, recovery and economic performance.

Fracture technologies brochure

Build higher production and EUR into every fracture We help build fractures using high-quality, high-performance proppant for increased contact, higher conductivity and greater hydrocarbon flow. Our proprietary proppant-delivered production enhancement technologies and services also help assure production, further enhanceflow and evaluate fractures to inform field development.


Optimize production and field development with high-definition fracture measurements The FRACTUREVISION proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service enables precise fracture evaluation to be performed efficiently and safely throughout the life of the well. The service is made possible by our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology which detects proppant placement and provides a direc...


KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ceramic proppant technology is engineered to maximize hydrocarbon flow rates throughout the life of the well. This step-change technology is available as low-density and high-density ceramic proppant to suit your well conditions and field economics. Engineered for today’s production enhancement challenges KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive ce...

Production Assurance brochure

Protect your well and production while reducing costs The GUARD family of proppant-delivered production assurance technologies brings you a highly efficient, effective and simple way to protect your well from production issues. CARBO can help you maintain your optimal production rates and maximize ultimate recovery, efficiently and cost-effectively, by preventing flow assurance issues and prote...

Production enhancement brochure

Higher production. Increased recovery. As an industry-leading production enhancement company, CARBO integrates unique technologies and intellectual capital to deliver higher production and increased EUR from every fracture, helping clients to design, build and optimize the frac.

RPM brochure

Free water-based fluids. Free more production and recovery. RPM relative permeability modification technology is engineered to alter the wettability of proppant to neutral, preventing the retention of water-based fluid in the proppant pack. As a result, RPM technology increases the effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability of the pack to hydrocarbons, leading to higher p...

STRATAGEN brochure

STRATAGEN is a fracture consulting services business that provides fracture design and evaluation, well performance evaluation, and onsite fracture supervision and advisory services. Our services identify the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir, and safeguard fracture execution. Our team uses their unique knowledge and experience of reservoir characterization, fracture...

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