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CARBO lightweight proppant advantage proven in a variety of plays

01 Jan 2015

CARBO LWC proppant

CARBO LWC proppant provides significantly greater volume – and a wider fracture – than IDC proppant.

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CARBO lightweight ceramic proppant offer an inherent advantage: wider propped fracture width. This has recently been proven in diverse conditions from North Dakota to Colorado to Texas.

Since proppant is generally purchased by weight instead of volume, a lightweight ceramic (LWC) proppant can provide significantly more flow area than intermediate density ceramic (IDC) proppant. In fact, under realistic conditions, the additional volume can result in an effective fracture width 40% greater.

Effective fracture diagram

In the Bakken

In North Dakota, Statoil, a recognized leader in completion optimization, achieved an initial production flow rate of almost 5,900 Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) per day from a Bakken well that was fractured using CARBOECONOPROP, a lightweight ceramic proppant. This flow rate is one of the highest recorded in North Dakota history.

In the Niobrara

In Western Colorado, a large E&P operator achieved a 30-day average gas rate of more than 10 million cubic feet per day from a Niobrara shale well using CARBOHYDROPROP, a lightweight ceramic proppant designed specifically for slickwater fracturing applications.

The added advantage of resin coating Jetta Operating Company used CARBOBOND LITE, a curable resin-coated premium lightweight ceramic proppant, in its third Bone Springs horizontal completion near Pecos, Texas. Jetta was extremely satisfied with the product's performance and observed that the wells using CARBO's curable resin-coated ceramic proppant flowed unassisted for 18-24 months compared to similar offset wells that required artificial lift after just three to six months.          

CARBO LWC proppant provides significantly greater volume – and a wider fracture – than IDC proppant.

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