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CARBO ceramic proppant raise production bar in two Utica wells

08 May 2015

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CARBO ceramic proppant technologies played pivotal roles in two milestone-setting wells in separate and largely unexplored areas in the deep dry gas zones of the Pennsylvania Utica play. Successes included what possibly is the highest initial production for any shale well.

Helps deliver record producer, extend prospective boundary

Initial production from one of the wells was not only cited as a Utica record, but possibly a new high for any shale gas well. The operator's first well in the deep dry gas zone flowed at a 24-hr test rate of ~73 MMcfd.
Elsewhere, CARBO ceramic proppant was used successfully in another high-rate producer that is credited with helping extend the prospective boundaries of the Utica deep dry gas trend.  Completed in a largely untested area, this multi-stage well flowed 61 MMcfd gas on a 24-hr test.    


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