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CARBO lightweight ceramic proppants enhance production in multiple plays in the U.S.

01 Jan 2015

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CARBOLITE and CARBOECONOPROP were used by Endurance Resources LLC to replace traditional white sand and resin-coated sand in two of their wells located in the Second Bone Spring formation. The resulting increase in conductivity gave early indications that the initial EUR estimate will be exceeded by 30 percent.

Two operators in the Bone Springs play of the Delaware Basin enlisted STRATAGEN to design, build and optimize their hydraulic fracturing programs. Using the same two proppant types, CARBOLITE and CARBOECONOPROP, they experienced a 65% conductivity improvement and doubled production rates compared to nearby offset wells.

In the Eagle Ford shale, a large operator using CARBOECONOPROP realized a 20% increase in cumulative production over a previous sand/resin-coated sand well. The increased production yielded approximately $800,000 of net incremental value in the first year.

An independent operator in the Antelope field of the Bakken shale saw production rates significantly exceed expectations in two recent wells using CARBOECONOPROP. The operatorplans to continue using high-quality CARBO ceramic proppants in its Bakken drilling and completion programs.

Author(s): CARBO


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