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Casting defects eliminated, saving a billion-dollar casting project

20 Aug 2016

Project Details

  • Client: Captive aluminum marine foundry
  • Location: Midwestern US
  • Type: Lost foam process
  • Deliverables: Complex engine blocks, <100 lbs
  • Casting media: Replaced olivine sand with ACCUCAST LD30 and later ACCUCAST ID40 high-performance ceramic casting media
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Switching to ACCUCAST ceramic casting media from olivine sand achieved necessary dimensional tolerances for aluminum marine foundry project.

The challenge

A captive aluminum marine foundry had a new billion-dollar project that was scheduled for startup. They were not able to meet casting dimensional tolerances using their existing olivine sand media. The project was in critical jeopardy, facing a delayed startup date. A replacement media would have to be:

  • Capable of delivering high thermal stability that would meet the required casting tolerances and dimensional precision
  • Abundant and readily available

The solution

ACCUCAST ceramic casting media was identified as a potential replacement for olivine sand. In trials it proved capable of meeting the necessary dimensional tolerances. As a synthetic, manufactured product, the ceramic media not only proved abundant and readily available, but the manufacturing process provided a consistent product that resulted in repeatable casting quality and performance. The product also proved durable, highly reclaimable and ideal for recycled use.

The results

The dimensional casting window was decreased and all casting tolerances were achieved. The billion-dollar project was saved and met scheduled startup.



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