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Low-density ceramic proppant outperforms resin-coated sand in Bone Springs

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In the Bone Springs play of the Permian basin, an independent operator was using resin-coated sand in their well stimulation program.  Recently, the operator replaced the resin-coated sand with CARBOECONOPROP low-density ceramic proppant and significantly enhanced production due to improved conductivity.

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Ideally suited for moderate-depth natural gas wells

Both the bulk density and specific gravity of CARBOECONOPROP ceramic proppant are similar to frac sand, yet its high conductivity makes it more cost-effective than resin-coated sand proppant. Plus, this proppant is non-reactive to fracturing fluid crosslinkers and breakers. Learn more

Industry-proven production performance

A study of production rates published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers has shown that the combination of the strength, uniform size and shape of engineered ceramic proppant provide higher production performance than other types of proppant (SPE 77675).

Numerous case studies and field trials have consistently demonstrated:

  • 20% + increase in initial production rates
  • 20% + increase in estimated ultimate recovery (EUR)
  • Improved rates of return
  • Rapid payout on initial investment (often in just weeks or months)
  • Lower finding and development costs per BOE for E&P companies
  • Accelerated recovery times

Understand your Economic Conductivity

To truly evaluate the realistic production potential and return on investment for any proppant in the fracture, an Economic Conductivity analysis should be used. Economic Conductivity analysis factors in the proppant cost, reservoir contact and downhole conditions to determine the realistic conductivity of a fracture based on proppant quality, strength, shape and consistency. This enables proppant selection to be based on realistic production, EUR and the total costs of hydraulic fracturing activities.

Author(s): CARBO


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