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Proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology yields results in the Rockies

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In the Rockies, SCALEGUARD proppant was successfully pumped as part of the standard fracturing process in several wells during the second quarter of 2014. SCALEGUARD technology provides long-term protection against scale formation while maintaining maximum fracture conductivity.  The initial results have been very positive and the operator is planning additional wells utilizing SCALEGUARD technology.

Long-term protection from a single application

SCALEGUARD technology is an encapsulated ceramic proppant infused with scale inhibiting chemicals that is placed throughout the entire fracture as part of the standard fracturing process.

In a single treatment, it will safeguard the entire production system - from the fracture through the wellbore to the surface processing equipment.

Scale inhibition designed and built into every fracture

SCALEGUARD technology prevents production impairment due to the development of scale deposits. The infused proppant is engineered for each application and stays in place within the fracture. The predictable and controlled release of scale inhibitor on contact with produced water provides long-term production assurance. Learn more

Author(s): CARBO


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