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SCALEGUARD shows potential to double production life: Manitoba

20 Jan 2017

Well Data

  • Location: Manitoba, Canada
  • Operator: Independent operator
  • Well type: Oil
  • Formation: Triassic Spearfish
  • Initial stimulation design: 22-stage, 58.3 metric tons natural sand proppant
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Manitoba, Canada

The challenge

An operator targeting the Bakken/Spearfish formation of Manitoba, Canada, was producing from a 22-stage horizontal well, comprising an aggregate 130,000 pounds of natural sand proppant. After the well had been on line for approximately one year, the operator experienced a steep decline in production, which was quickly attributed to severe scale deposition. The only alternative was to pull the pumps and drill out the well to remove the scale deposits, which dramatically reduced the overall value of the producing asset. 

The solution

Following a subsequent CARBO evaluation that included the specific well characteristics and produced water chemistry, the operator modified its stimulation strategy accordingly. To reduce the near-wellbore pressure drop, the sand proppant was replaced with 20/40CARBOECONOPROP low-density ceramic proppant.

To treat the produced water before it reached the wellbore, and thereby prevent scale from forming, the client pumped the SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology.

The results

In addressing this particular stimulation program and well characteristics, SCALEGUARD technology performed as designed and prevented scale remediation after 12 months of production and continued treatment for multiple years. By preventing the near-wellbore build-up of scale and keeping downhole equipment free of deposits, SCALEGUARD technology helped in maintaining productivity and avoided unnecessary costly remediation.
Chart showing MIC levels



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