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Tail-in with CARBOAIR improves reservoir contact, increases production by 20%

13 Apr 2018

Project Details

  • Operator: Major E&P
  • Location: South Texas
  • Formation: Eagle Ford
  • Well Type: Horizontal offset
  • Reservoir: Gas
  • Proppant: 100-mesh and 40/70-mesh sand and CARBOAIR 40/70
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CARBOAIR technology

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology increases production from Eagle Ford horizontal well

South Texas

The challenge
An E&P company operating in the Eagle Ford had plans to drill two parallel offset horizontal wells and was searching for alternatives to increase stimulated reservoir area in their acreage.

The solution
CARBO recommended the use of a new high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant, CARBOAIR, which has lower settling rates compared with sand (2.0 ASG vs 2.65 ASG for typical sands).  Slot flow tests verified that CARBOAIR had superior far-field fracture height contact compared with natural sands due to better proppant transport and deposition characteristics in slickwater fracturing fluid systems.  Fracture and reservoir modeling predicted significant production rate and EUR increases by substituting a portion of the sand volume with CARBOAIR.

Two different well stimulation designs were developed and compared. The first—Well A—employed the operator’s typical completion design comprised of 100-mesh and 40/70-mesh sand, while the second—Well B—used a modified design that replaced 20% of the final proppant of each stage with 40/70-mesh CARBOAIR.

The results
The production data from both wells showed that the well containing CARBOAIR experienced a 20% cumulative production increase compared to its sand-only completion design offset.  These results confirmed that the new high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant was successful in improving reservoir contact and materially increasing ultimate recovery.




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