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Impacts Of Using My Existing Binder System With Ceramic Casting Media

As foundries increasingly switch to ceramic media as an alternative to silica sand, there are man...

A low-density proppant solution for slickwater systems

World Oil, September 2018: CARBO developed CARBOAIR, a low-density proppant to enhance its transp...

Multi-stage completions: A Q&A with Terry Palisch

Oilfield Technology, September 2018: Experts from CARBO, FRANK’s INTERNATIONAL, CATERP...

Proppant prevents salt precipitation, eliminates freshwater injection costs

E&P Magazine, September 2018: SALTGUARD is an encapsulated, porous ceramic proppant infused w...

New immobile proppant system bonds without closure stress, by Daryl Johnson

Offshore, September 2018: CARBO develops a new type of immobile proppant system to bond the ...

The Scale of the Problem

Oilfield Technology, July 2018

CARBOAIR can provide increased propped half length, which increases the drainage area of the fracture

E&P Shale Solutions, July 2018: Increase Production, EUR from Slickwater Fracturing Operations

Ceramic media improves casting quality, reduces production time

Eagle Foundry replaced its silica sand system with CARBO Accucast ID70.

Improving reservoir contact with a high-transport proppant

E&P Shale Solutions, April 2018: Low-density proppant use in slickwater applications can help...

Precision-Engineered Proppants

Oilfield Technology, March 2018 : Don Conkle, CARBO, USA, describes the development of a pre...

Showing results 1 - 10 of 54 records for 'all published articles' | per page | Previous   1 2 3 4 5 6  Next

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