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Haynesville shale

15 Jan 2009

Gone are the days of expansion and buoyant expectations. The industry has turned on a dime and, in the midst of  world tumult and economic crises, companies are sorting through their prospects. In 2009’s dour reality, one play that remains at the head of most lists is the Haynesville shale.

The Jurassic Haynesville is prodigious and truly remarkable. It has every characteristic desirable in a shale reservoir: rich total organic carbon (TOC) content, excellent thickness, strong geopressures, wide areal extent, tough bottom seal and incredible homogeneity. As rigs idle across the country, the Haynesville will be a bright spot of investment. Operators fortunate enough to hold swaths of Haynesville acreage are reallocating their capital to concentrate on development of this uncommon shale.

It’s that good.

Author(s): Peggy Williams; OGI



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