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Protection in every way

01 Apr 2015

Oilfield Technology, April 2015.

Joshua Leasure and Jeff Hebert, CARBO, USA, explain how conductive proppant-delivered scale inhibition has been engineered for today's challenges.

The recent developments of dual-function proppant-delivered inhibition technology signals a breakthrough in managing the near-wellbore generation of inorganic scale, which ranks as one of the industry's most detrimental flow assurance issues, and one that severely impacts the ultimate value of a producing oil and gas asset.

Fundamentally the unique merger of interconnected and uniformly disperse property with a high conductivity allows the encapsulated SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered technology to function as a fully controllable inhibitor delivery vehicle, while simultaneously executing its intended purpose as a conductive ceramic proppant in a typical fracturing operation. Placed during the fracturing process, this porous ceramic proppant technology eliminates production decline and intervention costs caused by scale in a single treatment. The deposition of scale in tubulars or within otherwise permeable reservoirs can severely restrict both flow and production, especially in wells spawning high produced water volumes.

Authors: Joshua Leasure and Jeff Hebert

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