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Study Integrates Fracturing, Production

02 Mar 2009

HOUSTON – The Lower Cotton Valley sands in North Louisiana are a complex reservoir system consisting of multiple, low-permeability layers. Wells require major hydraulically fracture stimulation to achieve economic gas production, but because of the high-stress environment, fracturing pressures are typically very high (close to or above overburden stress in most cases). This presents significant challenges for stimulation effectiveness.

Fracture modeling and detailed singlewell production modeling were undertaken in a field in Bienville Parish, La., to evaluate well performance and assess why some wells were not performing as expected. The study included determining possible causes of wells exhibiting steep production declines within the first few months after completion, and solutions to improve well performance and well completions as well as field development strategies.

Author(s): Elyezer P. Lolon, Michael J. Mayerhofer, Daniel A. Durey, Audis C. Byrd



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