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CARBOAIR for gravel pack applications information sheet

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology enables operators to efficiently create a high-quality gravel pack at low fluid viscosity and pump rates.


  • Ultra low-density ceramic proppant with chemically-engineered internal porosity
  • Apparent specific gravity of 2.0; approximately 25% lower than sand, resin-coated sand (RCS) or low-density ceramic (LDC)
  • Enhanced transport characteristics: 30%–40% slower settling rates compared to sand or RCS
  • Exceeds the conductivity, strength and durability of sand
  • Available in 40/70, 30/50 and 20/40 mesh sizes


  • Minimal completion skin for increased well productivity
  • Preserves formation permeability and proppant pack conductivity
  • Enhanced proppant transport for efficient gravel pack placement
  • Enables low fluid viscosity and pump rates to be used
  • Avoids formation fracturing during gravel pack operations


  • Cased hole and open hole gravel packing in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
  • Gravel packing in low frac gradient and narrow frac formation pressure window environments
  • Multi-path screen horizontal open hole gravel pack
  • Gravel pack applications when using erosion-sensitive completion hardware



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