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CARBOAIR technology profile and datasheet

CARBOAIR high-transport, ultra low-density ceramic proppant technology has been developed primarily for slickwater fracturing operations. The technology improves reservoir contact and fracture conductivity which leads to increased production and EUR.

CARBO has engineered CARBOAIR technology to have exceptional transport characteristics so that it carries farther into every fracture. This results in an increased propped fracture height and length to maximize reservoir coverage and contact.

  • Ultra low-density ceramic proppant with chemically-engineered internal porosity
  • Apparent specific gravity of 2.0; approximately 25% lower than sand, resin-coated sand (RCS) or low-density ceramic (LDC)
  • Enhanced transport characteristics: 30%–40% slower settling rates compared to sand or RCS
  • Meets or exceeds the conductivity, strength and durability of sand
  • Available in 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70 mesh sizes


  • Exceptional proppant transport in slickwater and low gel fracturing fluids
  • Increases effective fracture length and fracture height to improve reservoir contact
  • Better proppant packing for vertical and horizontal gravel packed wells
  • Lower total mass of proppant required to prop the same fracture volume as conventional proppant
  • Reduces water consumption and flowback treatment costs in equal volume frac designs
  • Higher production and EUR while lowering finding and development cost per BOE




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