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CARBOHYDROPROP technical data sheet

Low-density, high-transport ceramic proppant


  • Ideal for slickwater fracturing applications
  • Best combination of proppant transport and conductivity on the market
  • 40/80 mesh provides similar transport characteristics to 40/70 sands


  • Superior thermal stability compared to sand or resin-coated sand
  • Priced similarly to resin-coated sand for optimum value
  • Greater productivity: 40% more conductivity than higher priced 40/70 premium resin-coated sand
  • Greater productivity: More than twice the conductivity of standard 40/70 resin-coated sand or white sand

Superior combination of conductivity, ease of placement and competitive price

CARBOHYDROPROP technology was engineered specifically for slickwater fracturing applications. It offers 40% to 100% greater conductivity than sand-
based products, yet is priced similarly for optimum value.



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