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CARBONRT ULTRA technical data sheet

Inert tracer technology for sand completed wells


  • Inert, permanent tracer that is safe and environmentally friendly—no special equipment, handling, permits or licenses required /li>
  • Tracer engineered for effective detection when blended with sand
  • Uniform distribution of tracer within each proppant grain—not a coating—can be manufactured into any CARBO ceramic proppant
  • Detected using standard neutron logging tools run at standard speeds


  • Cost-effective fracture evaluation in vertical and horizontal sand completed wells/li>
  • Identifies the proppant coverage (stimulated interval) as well as propped fracture height
  • Tracks the amount of proppant near the wellbore so you can understand near-wellbore connectivity and perforation efficiency
  • Enables measurements to enhance fracture simulation models, treatment



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