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METAKAO technology profile

METAKAO™ is a premium metakaolin additive engineered to provide a high-level of pozzolanic reactivity, thus enhancing concrete and cement-based product performance. METAKAO is a proven, readily available, highly reactive alternative to fly ash, slag and silica fume.


  • Improves strength, durability, and workability of Portland concrete
  • Produces a smoother finish, minimizing cracking and shrinkage
  • Reduces permeability, alkali silica reactions (ASR) and efflorescence
  • Improved chemical and moisture resistance
  • Inert material that is safe and easy to handle
  • Available in 50lb bags, 2,000 lb super sacks and bulk delivery


  • High-performance, high-strength and lightweight concrete
  • Precast and poured-mold concrete products
  • Oilfield cement and drilling fluids
  • Dry-bagged products
  • Fibercement and ferrocement products
  • Metal casting
  • Specialty uses



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