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RPM technical data sheet

Neutral wettability relative permeability modification technology


  • Surface modification that alters the wettability of treated proppant to neutral with a contact angle ~90°
  • Coating stable up to 400°F (205°C) so suitable for most wells
  • Treated proppant compatible with most fracturing fluids
  • Available as a flow enhancement to any CARBO ceramic proppant


  • Increases oil and gas production
  • Improves water-based fracture fluid clean-up after stimulation
  • Prevents water-based fluids from becoming trapped in pack pore throats
  • Increases effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability
  • Reduces pressure drops due to multiphase flow effects
  • Virtually eliminates capillary forces in the proppant pack
  • Increases condensate production to help combat condensate banking



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