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SHOPGUARD Product Information Sheet

26 Aug 2018

SHOPGUARD flooring saves time, money and effort

SHOPGUARD™ offers a simple, durable, cost-effective alternative to tile or spray-on coatings for industrial and commercial flooring. SHOPGUARD flooring does not require professional installation. You simply unroll the SHOPGUARD material and trim it to fit the space. It is significantly faster than laying individual tiles, and immensely simpler than the multiple steps of surface preparation, spraying and drying time required with spray-on coatings such as epoxy.


  • Rolls out and lays flat
  • Chemical-resistant coating
  • Costs less than epoxy sprays or tiles
  • Geotextile base provides a cushioning layer
  • Flexible and easily moved
  • Custom colors, sizes and thicknesses available


  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Stain-resistant and easily cleaned
  • The most cost-effective flooring available
  • Cushioning prevents fatigue
  • Excellent for temporary or permanent installations
  • Chip-proof and slip resistant



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