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STIMPRO product information sheet

The STIMPRO™ matrix acidizing design and analysis software enables the design, simulation and analysis of acid injection treatments below the fracture initiation pressure. It is an easy-to-use Windows-based, fully-integrated acidizing software effective for both carbonate and sandstone formations.


  • Complete matrix acid design, simulation and scheduling
  • Online graphics and reports include interface for production forecasting/matching and economic analysis
  • Real-time pressure data matching
  • Transient pressure and skin calculation
  • Comprehensive acid/additive database
  • Preloaded libraries of stimulation fluids, lithologies and formations
  • Paccaloni plots for treatment monitoring
  • Foam and filter cake modeling and scheduling


  • Helps ensure effectiveness of stimulation design
  • Provides real-time analysis to allow re-design of stimulation program at any point in well life
  • Delivers continual monitoring of treatment effectiveness
  • Helps increase production flow and reduces treatment costs
  • Provides access to candidate stimulation fluids and acid/additives
  • Enables precise carbonate acidizing and wormhole modeling
  • Aids in enhancing future stimulation programs



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