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First Successful Proppant Fracturing Treatment in Cretaceous Carbonate formation in Kuwait – Part II Tuba Reservoir

Kuwait Oil Company utilized CARBO ceramic proppant to confirm that the frac was contained in production zone. The success of this treatment has been a game changer resulting in more wells being identified as candidates for proppant fracturing in this field.

Twenty Years, One Fracture and the Future of a North Sea Asset

The Andrew asset is a strategic hub for BP in the Central North Sea and has been producing from the Palaeocene oil reservoir for the past twenty-two years through a small fixed platform...

Julia Case History of the Stimulation and Lower Completion to Meet the 10kpsi Drawdown Tertiary Challenge

This paper is a case history of the Julia reservoir 4-well Phase 1 stimulation and lower completion to meet a 10kpsi drawdown tertiary challenge.

Source Rock Reservoir Characterization Using Geology, Geochemical and Drilling Data

The subject of this paper are results from evaluations of relatively inexpensive everyday data and measurements made during horizontal drilling for formation evaluation purposes.

Modeling Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Completions; A Case For Planar Hydraulic Fractures

The subject of this paper are results from detailed evaluations performed by experienced engineers with reservoir knowledge for the purpose of evaluating completion effectiveness and improving economics for shale and other low permeability formations.

Utica Well Performance Evaluation; A Multi-Well Pad Case History

Understanding Utica formation hydraulic fracture and completion effectiveness is problematic given the wide variation in geology, hydrocarbon maturity and reservoir characteristics. 

The Application and Misapplication of 100-Mesh Sand in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Low-Permeability Reservoirs

This paper will critically evaluate the historic and contemporary uses of 100 mesh sand both as a placement aid as well as a proppant in very low permeability reservoirs.

Ultra-High-Strength Proppant: An Update on Deepwater Applications in the Gulf of Mexico

This paper will briefly review the manufacturing process and resulting step change advancements achieved by this new proppant, stressing on the technology adoption in the Gulf of Mexico illustrated with multiple case histories.

The Factors Influencing the Dissolution Process

A Computational Navier-Stokes Fluid-Dynamics-Simulation Study of Wormhole Propagation in Carbonate-Matrix Acidizing and Analysis of Factors Influencing the Dissolution Process  

Development and Field Testing of a Novel Technology for Evaluating Gravel Packs and Fracture Packs (SPE 187365)

Radioactive tracers introduce significant hazards relating to health, safety, and the environment, and therefore are under strict regulations. This paper presents a new alternative pack-evaluation technology which eliminates these radioactivity-related issues.

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