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A Case History of Massive Hydraulic Refracturing in the Tight Muddy 'J' Formation (SPE 7936)


Initial fracs with 150,000 lbs sand provided low initial rates and rapid decline.  On new wells, production increased with treatments as large as 1.25 million lbs.  Refracs of wells in the better part of the field were found to payout in as little as 4 months with a gas price of $1.37/mcf.


This paper evaluates the refracturing of wells in the tight (.04 to .0003 md - 40 X 10(-6) to .3 X 10(-6) um2) Muddy "J" formation in Wattenberg Field using massive hydraulic fracturing (MHF). Twenty-nine wells that originally received 50,000 gallon (189 m3) gelled water fracture treatments on completion have been refractured with 300,000 gallon (1136 m3) polymer emulsion treatments. This study shows that wells initially completed successfully with small volume fracture treatments can be successfully restimulated with MHF. Those which did not have successful initial stimulations may not be economic candidates for refracturing.


Author(s): Parrot, D.I., Long, M.G., Amoco Production Co.

Paper Number: SPE 7936

URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=00007936&societyCode=SPE


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