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Case History of Restimulations in Western Oklahoma (SPE 18861)


Ennis reported Amoco’s efforts to restimulate tight gas wells in the Morrow.  Post-frac buildup tests on similar wells stimulated with RCS demonstrated poor effective fracture conductivities ranging from 45 to 117 md ft and disappointing frac lengths of 30 to 220 feet, despite designed lengths of 200 to 1400 feet.  Detailed case histories are presented for seven wells restimulated with 20/40 ISP.  Rate increases averaged 600 mscfd incremental sustained production.


This paper presents the results of a restimulation workover program performed in Western Oklahoma during the last two years. The restimulations were selected from wells which were not producing at peak rates based on log development producing at peak rates based on log development and post-frac pressure buildup tests.

The restimulation workovers have generated sufficient incremental cash flow to payout the entire program in eight months. Pre-workover and postworkover production rates in conjunction with workover costs are presented to justify the economics for the restimulations.

Author(s): B.K Ennis, Amoco Production

Paper Number: SPE 18861

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-18861-MS


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