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Ceramic media improves quality, increases value in lost foam casting

26 Jul 2016

Compared to sand products, ACCUCAST ceramic media delivers greater value, precision and quality

Executive summary 

For years, naturally occurring silica sand has been the most widely used molding media
in the metal casting industry, due to its low cost and abundant availability. However,
there are many concerns around performance, health and environmental issues with
silica sand (as well as with zircon, olivine and chromite sands).

Ceramic casting media is a manufactured product with properties that are proven to
produce higher quality, fewer defects and greater reclamation than sand.

This paper compares the use of ACCUCAST high-performance ceramic casting media
versus sand in the lost foam process. It incorporates findings of case studies from actual
end-users of the product as well as attributes of the product determined from various
university studies.



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