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Ceramic media increases precision, reduces defects and improves safety in green sand casting

26 Apr 2017

Comprehensive research study confirms a safe, superior alternative to silica sand

Executive summary

For years, naturally occurring silica sand has been the most widely used molding media in the metal casting industry, due to its low cost and abundant availability.

However, the demand for increasingly complex castings requires media with greater thermal stability, increased dimensional accuracy and enhanced casting capabilities. In addition, increased environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks associated with silica sand have resulted in increasingly rigorous workplace regulations. Foundries face the requirement to add expensive systems and equipment, or to find an alternative to silica sand altogether.

This paper compares the use of ACCUCAST and KRYPTOCAST high-performance ceramic casting media versus silica sand in the green sand casting process. It is based on the findings of a comprehensive study conducted by the Metal Casting Center of the Department of Industrial Technology at the University of Northern Iowa, supplemented by other university studies and industry testing.



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