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Effective Fracture Stimulation in High-Permeability Formations (SPE 25380)


Low productivity was observed after initial gravel pack completion in this oil reservoir.  A hydraulic fracture receiving up to 16 ppa sand achieved the designed TSO.  Although results were held confidential, production was significantly better than conventional gravel-packed completions in the area.


The application of fracturing to high permeability formations is presented.
The economic rationale for fracturing high permeability formations is different from conventional fracturing. The principal reasons for fracturing these formations are reviewed. Design and execution methods for these fracture treatments are presented where they differ from conventional fracturing.

High permeability formations often have a tendency to produce sand. The effect of fracturing on the sanding tendency and the potential of using fractures as a sand control method are discussed.

Author(s): Dowell Schlumberger, J.J.Elphick, R.P. Marcinew, Barry Brady

Paper Number: SPE 25380

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-25380-MS


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