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Evaluating Well Performance and Completion Effectiveness in Hydraulically Fractured Low-Permeability Gas Wells (SPE 84214)


16/30 HSP was used in a 13,000 ft deep well in the Middle East, reducing the true skin to -5.  Although non-Darcy effects contribute a rate-dependent skin, the fracture delays or eliminates condensate banking near wellbore.


Hydraulic fracture stimulation often dictates the economic outcome of wells completed in low permeability gas reservoirs. Attempting to understand well performance - the rate and pressure behavior of a well over its productive life - provides the opportunity to discover the elements driving stimulation and completion effectiveness. This paper demonstrates the integrated use of practical reservoir engineering methods to evaluate well performance, identify flow regimes and distinguish between reservoir and completion induced behavior in low-permeability hydraulically fractured gas wells.

Author(s): David D. Cramer, BJ Services Co.

Paper Number: SPE 84214

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-84214-MS


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