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Evaluation of Frac-and-Pack Completions in the Eugene Island (SPE 63107)


Fan et al. provided a systematic evaluation of frac-pack completions in the Eugene Island region of the Gulf of Mexico. Eugene Island Block 354 was abandoned in 1987 due to fines migration and rapid plugging of annular gravel packs.  The field was redeveloped in 1994 with a new strategy: minimize drawdown by placing high-conductivity frac packs.  TSO treatments using 20/40 EconoProp demonstrated improved skin, more stable production rates, and elimination of sand production, despite rates of 12,000 bopd and cumulative recoveries exceeding 1 million bbls for some wells


This paper presents a systematic evaluation of frac&pack completions conducted in the Eugene Island region of the Gulf of Mexico. Reservoir, treatment and production data are analyzed from a unified viewpoint. First a completion design strategy is described which is centered around the dual goals of optimal stimulation and sufficient sand control. Then a method is presented to evaluate the technical success of the completion using 3-D reservoir/fracture simulators and the recently developed Slopes Analysis method. Finally, a simple but practical frac&pack treatment design and optimization procedure is presented for improving the performance of frac&pack completions. An example of frac&pack treatment design using the new design philosophy is provided in details showing how to achieve the stimulation goals in a theoretically optimum manner and why often the actual treatment has to depart from the theoretical optimum.

Author(s): Y. Fan, B.N. Markitell, B.D. Marple, Texaco Inc.; P.P. Valko, Texas A&M University

Paper Number: SPE 63107

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-63107-MS


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