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Field Experiences in Evaluation and Productivity Improvement Using Selective Hydraulic Fracturing in Deep Directional Wells. Orocual Field, Venezuela (SPE 69582)


Carvajal et al. described attempts to optimize fracture design in the Orocual Field in Venezuela. Stimulation details and production results are given for a large number of fracture stages, with productivity generally increasing by 300% over initial oil rates.


Until 1998, eleven vertical wells had been drilled in Deep Orocual Field in Eastern Venezuela for a total of 16 completions to produce light oil and condensate. By hydraulically fracturing these wells, the productivity improved up to three times compared to the initial rates. The use of new technologies in drilling directional wells allowed the construction of three of these wells wells in the San Juan Formation.

This paper resumes the experiences associated to three wells in the Orocual Field, the evolution of operational practices and data acquisition that had to be implemented in order to, in some cases, overcome the effect of early stage screenouts and properly evaluate the productivity of such wells. Additionally said, experiences allowed the comparison of the fracturing techniques applied in these case studies, with the conventional designs used in the past and to establish the best evaluation and stimulation techniques for the San Juan Formation wells.

Author(s): G.A. Carvajal, K. Ortiz, A. Carmona, G. Parra, PDVSA

Paper Number: SPE 69582

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-69582-MS


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