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Fracturing Unconsolidated Sand Formations Offshore Gulf of Mexico (SPE 24844)


In the offshore Gulf of Mexico, Monus et al. described the application of TSO fracturing to combat the severe production decline typical in previous completions


This paper presents case histories for two offshore Gulf Coast wells completed with hydraulic fracture stimulation treatments followed by gravel pack installation. This completion technology is relatively new to the Gulf Coast area and is being employed to address the unique sand conditions encountered with unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs.

Successfully fracturing soft sandstone formations poses different challenges than fracturing hard-rock reservoirs. The tip screenout design technique is used for fracture design to ensure that the fracture width and proppant concentrations are adequate to efficiently connect the reservoir to the wellbore. Downhole pressure measurements and multiple-tracer isotope tagging of fracturing fluids and slurry are used both for on-site design aids and post-job evaluation. The case histories presented demonstrate that hydraulic fracturing of soft sandstones can provide effective stimulation when properly executed.

The fracture design methodology is presented, supported by field examples.

Author(s): F.L. Monus, F.W. Broussard, Pennzoil E and P Co.; J.A. Ayoub, W.D Norman, Dowell Schlumberger

Paper Number: SPE 24844

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-24844-MS



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