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Haynesville Shale - One Operator’s Approach to Well Completions in this Evolving Play (SPE 125079, CARBO authored)

The Haynesville-Bossier (HB) Shale is an extensive gas resource that has received significant publicity over the past two years, and is currently being developed by numerous operators. Since the HB is a relatively new play, it is anticipated that there will be much learned in the future that will further improve well completions. However, the more quickly data sharing and adoption of best practices occur, the more effectively this tremendous resource will be developed.  

This paper will describe some of the reservoir and completion concerns that have driven one operator’s current completion philosophy, particularly as they affect well stimulation. Some of the topics described in the paper include:

  • Consideration of vertical and horizontal wellbores
  • Horizontal lateral placement within the vertical pay section
  • Orientation of wellbores with respect to anticipated fracture azimuth
  • Fracture stage isolation considerations
  • Perforation strategy
  • Design and implementation of hydraulic fracture treatments
  • Considerations to accommodate elevated temperatures and stresses in the frac design
  • Management of closure stresses on proppant

Hydraulic fractures are the key to unlock the potential of most low permeability shale reservoirs such as the Haynesville Shale, and many drilling and completion decisions must be made to ensure successful placement of the stimulation treatment.  Although the approach used on initial wells is expected to evolve with future experimentation and optimization, it is hoped that this early discussion of current design philosophy will allow the industry to optimize Haynesville completions in a timelier manner.

Author(s): SPE, SPE, CARBO Ceramics, Charles Pope, Billy Peters, and Tim Benton, GMX Resources; and Terry Palisch

Paper Number: SPE 125079

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-125079-MS


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