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High-Permeability Fracturing at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (SPE 22835)


At Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska, extensive pressure transient testing showed that unstimulated completions in Zone 4 initially demonstrated 100 md formation perm, but progressive damage reduced this to as low as 5 md.  Six- to seven-fold increases in rate were achieved with high conductivity LWC and TSO designs.


High permeability hydraulic fracturing at Prudhoe Bay? This paper documents the Prudhoe Bay? This paper documents the results of a very successful fracturing program at Prudhoe Bay in which ARCO program at Prudhoe Bay in which ARCO Alaska Inc., Unit Operator for the Eastern Operating Area (EOA), has successfully fracture stimulated over 100 wells, with a total oil rate benefit that has exceeded 100,000 STB/D. The more prolific stimulations have resulted in individual well responses of greater than 5000 STB/D. BP Exploration (Alaska), Unit Operator for the Western Operating Area (WOA), has also instituted an aggressive fracturing program. The field wide program has significantly contributed to maintaining Prudhoe's production rate at the onset of the field's decline.

Relatively long, highly conductive fractures have proven quite effective at bypassing extensive formation damage and also accelerating oil production on the less damaged wells. This paper documents the development of the fracturing program which illuminates the potential for successfully fracture stimulating higher permeability reservoirs. permeability reservoirs

Author(s): D.R Reimers, R.A Clausen, ARCO Alaska Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 22835

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-22835-MS


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