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Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics Used To Optimize Development in the Jonah Field (SPE 102528)

The Jonah Field is located in the Green River Basin in Sublette County, Wypming. Production is primarily from over-pressured and tight sandstones of the Lance Formation. The Lance in Jonah consists of many stacked low permeability sandstones. Due to the low permeability, stimulation is required for economical production rates. Gross pay intervals vary from 2,800 ft to 3,600 ft and wells are stimulated in multiple fracture stages. Each fracture stage may target three to six sands with eight to twelve total stages for each well.

The study shows mapping results for fracture treatments in both mapping areas. Fracture length was longer than expected and varied somewhat by stage. Some stages were contained but for many stages there was significant height growth and treatment overlap. Fracture complexity was observed which could be due to natural fracturing, faulting, depositional heterogeneity and depletion.

These fracture mapping results are being combined with geologic, geophysical and engineering data from the field to assist with field development. This paper details the results of the mapping and discusses issues with well placement, stimulation design and treatment staging identified by the study.

Author(s): S.L. Wolhart, SPE, SPE, Pinnacle Technologies; T.A. Harting, J.E. Dahlem, E.P. Lolon; StrataGen Engineering, and T.J. Young; BP America, and M.J. Mayerhofer; Pinnacle Technologies

Paper Number: SPE 102528

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-102528-MS


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