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Hydraulic Fracturing Provides Production Gains in Kalchinskoye Oilfield of Western Siberia (SPE 39954)


In western Siberia, Kondratoff et al. showed the introduction of “Western fracturing technologies” resulted in 3- to 7- fold increases in production in the Kalchinskoye oilfield.  Substandard procedures frequently damaged wells, but of 13 wells treated with imported 20/40 ceramic proppant, nine wells showed increased production, with seven doubling the pre-frac rate.


Approximately ten years have passed since western hydraulic fracturing technology was introduced1 to the oilfields of Western Siberia. This paper examines how that technology is now being applied to the Kalchinskoye oilfield in the southern reaches of the Ob River basin of Western Siberia.

The Kalchinskoye oilfield, being developed through joint venture operations, is best characterized as a low permeability, normally pressured, Cretaceous/Jurassic sand sequence with low gas to oil ratio. This paper discusses reservoir characteristics, well candidate selection, treatment design and performance, and post-treatment analysis. It also details the value of good oilfield operating practices to achieve and maintain fracturing success.

Author(s): L.B. Kondratoff, R.N. Khasanov, CJSC Tura Petroleum; J.J. Budziak, Black Sea Energy Ltd.; M.W. Hagel, Optimus International Technologies Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 39954

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-39954-MS


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