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Massive Fracture Stimulation in Deep, High-Pressure Athel Formation (SPE 50614)


20/40 CarboProp in concentrations up to 7 ppg were used in the 13,000 ft deep Athel formation (0.02 md).  Post-frac production increased 7-9 fold, significantly improving the economic viability of development.  Additional optimization is underway.


The deep, high pressure Athel reservoirs are located in the South Oman Salt Basin. Due to low permeability, un- stimulated well rates are low. Recently, two wells have been stimulated with the largest hydraulic fractures in the Middle East. The post-frac production lives up to expectation. The well design and stimulation approach has significantly improved the economic viability of the Athel accumulation.

Author(s): Sau-Wai Wong, Steve Ford, Bob Turner, Petroleum Development Oman

Paper Number: SPE 50614

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-50614-MS


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