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Moxa Arch Frontier Formation Development Success Through Increased Fracture Conductivity (SPE 28610)


Attempted to design fractures in the tight Frontier Formation in Moxa Arch Wyoming to achieve an FCD of approximately 30.  First year recoveries were improved by 50% with higher conductivity proppants, achieving payout times of 5 months.


Successful development of the Frontier formation in southwest Wyoming begins with the hydraulic fracture treatment design and implementation. Without a design to effectively stimulate the Frontier formation and a proper implementation of that design in the field, production rates will be limited. This paper will detail the efforts of the authors in the development by Bannon Energy Incorporated of a significant number of Frontier completions.

Information from over 100 fracture treatments and the production response from over 400 wells will be used to demonstrate the significant improvement in gas production resulting from the fracture treatment designs and implementation methods employed. A first year gas recovery improvement of over 50% was achieved when compared to offset production. The use of intermediate strength proppants along with other design and implementation methods have significantly improved production from this "tight" gas sand.

Author(s): S.K. Schubarth, R.A. Chabaud, Bannon Energy Inc.

Paper Number: SPE 28610

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-28610-MS


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