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Optimized Oilwell Fracturing of Moderate-Permeability Reservoirs (SPE 14371)


Treatments in the North Cowden Unit evolved from small, limited conductivity fracs to 8/12 mesh sand.  Treatments at 2 ppg still provided disappointing oil production and short apparent frac lengths.  Increasing proppant concentration to 5 ppg and later 6 ppg of 8/12 sand improved production by more than 160%.


This paper presents results from an analysis of the effect of fracturing on moderate permeability oil reservoirs under primary depletion and secondary recovery processes. This analysis indicated that the optimum fracture half length in wells having a reservoir permeability of 1-10 md is relatively short and highly conductive. Both simulated and field production data are used to support this conclusion.

Author(s): Amoco Production Co., L.K. Britt

Paper Number: SPE 14371

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-14371-MS


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