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Postfracturlng Gas-Well-Test Analysis Using Buildup Type Curves (SPE 19253)


In the North Sea, apparent fracture conductivities were 90% lower than reference values due to non-Darcy flow.  Effective conductivities were reduced by over 50% with increased well rates.  Use of TSO designs with 16/20 LWC allowed longer effective fracture lengths.


Well-specific buildup type curves that incorporate non-Darcy effects and real-gas properties were used to obtain better estimates of fracture conductivities and lengths from postfracturing well tests in the Ravenspurn South gas field. Well productivities were calculated from the fracture parameters and used to optimize further fracturing and field development.

Author(s): BP Exploration, D.M. Walsh, K.H. Leung

Paper Number: SPE 19253

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/journal-paper/SPE-19253-PA



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