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Practical Considerations of Horizontal Well Fracturing in the “Danish Chalk” (SPE 25058)


Horizontal wells in the Dan chalk were initially stimulated with acid fracture treatments.  These treatments provided good initial rates, but failed in the medium term due to collapse of the induced fracture system.  This paper describes the use of wide propped fractures (5 to 10 lb/sq ft) to provide sustained productivity.  Frequently, 75% of the treatment is pumped at 15 lb/gal, with concentrations exceeding 21 lb/gal successfully placed.  


Placement of a propped hydraulic fracture in a horizontal well is dependent on several parameters. These parameters include topics such as reservoir conditions, drilling practices, and completion techniques. This paper outlines some of the practical considerations that must be accounted for during the placement of proppant in a horizontal well in describing a propped fracture treatment on an offshore horizontal well, the paper discusses treatment design considerations and verifies the operational and logistical improvements which can be made by utilizing a state-of-the-art stimulation vessel.

Author(s): Halliburton Services, K.A. Owens, M.J. Pitts, Maersk Oil & Gas A/S; H.J. Klampferer, S.B. Krueger

Paper Number: SPE 25058

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-25058-MS


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