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Productivity Performance Comparisons of High Rate Water Pack and Frac-Pack Completion Techniques (SPE 38592)


Powell et al. compared the success of frac packs and high rate water packs in three separate fields in the Gulf of Mexico ranging from 2800 to 10,000 ft depth.  Production data and pressure transient analyses (PTA) were used to document the superiority of frac packing to the water packing technique.  


Recently, advances in sand control completion practices have lead to the evolution and popularity of two different completion techniques: the high rate water pack (HRWP) and the frac-pack. A wealth of information has been published regarding each separate completion technique, but little information has been published on the direct comparisons of the two techniques.

This paper describes three cases, from three separate fields, in which the HRWP and frac-pack techniques were employed. In each case, a completion was performed in formations with similar reservoir characteristics utilizing both the HRWP and frac-pack techniques. Completion steps for both the HRWP and frac-pack wells are discussed at the end of this paper. Production performance from each example is compared, as well as results from bottomhole pressure transient tests. System analysis is used in each case to compare completion effectiveness. The results are summarized with a brief economic evaluation of the two completion techniques for each case history.

All three of the example sets presented in this paper consist of high permeability gas-bearing sands located in the Gulf of Mexico. Each example completion is from an area known to produce sand in large quantities if a successful sand control treatment is not performed.

Author(s): K.R. Powell, R.L. Hathcock, Pennzoil Exploration and Production; M.E. Mullen, Completion Engineers; W.D. Norman, Schlumberger-Dowell; P.D. Baycroft, BJ Services

Paper Number: SPE 38592

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-38592-MS


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