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Pushing the Envelope: Successful Hydraulic Fracturing for Sand Control Strategy in High Gas Rate Screenless Completions in the Jauf Reservoir, Saudi Arabia (SPE 73724)


In the Jauf Reservoir of Saudi Arabia, the use of TSO designs was considered an essential component of a screenless completion that could achieve high solids-free production rates.


Hydraulic Fracturing for sand control techniques in screenless completions have been successfully attempted, predominantly in oil wells, by operators the world over; whereas, frac-packing has rapidly become the preferred option for high rate gas wells in highly permeable reservoirs.

Saudi Aramco is currently undertaking one of the largest gas development projects in the world comprising a large number of new deep wells, four world-class gas plants, and massive development of new infrastructure.

The Jauf reservoir, one of several forming part of the gas development project, is a sandstone with unique characteristics, because it exhibits low to moderate permeability but high sanding tendency caused by high degree of rock unconsolidation under high pressure and temperature conditions. Frac-packing was considered as a potential sand control technique early during the planning phase, but the relatively low permeability encountered upon testing of the first Jauf reservoir producers clearly indicated that highly conductive, long half-length hydraulic fractures would be required to meet gas rate project targets. Hence, the decision to pursue fracturing for sand control techniques with screenless completions techniques was made.

This paper presents the results of a performance driven process, successfully implemented by Saudi Aramco in partnership with Schlumberger, which has achieved sand and solids free gas production in a score of wells treated to date. A detailed description of the combination of effective techniques applied as part of the process is provided, and lessons learned throughout the fracturing campaign are shared. The solids free gas production rates achieved in the wells discussed herein range from 10 to 50 MMSCF/D at high condensate yields. All wells were repeatedly cycled and, in some cases, limitation on the testing equipment used prevented testing wells at higher solids free rates to achieve full potential.

Author(s): J. Ricardo Solares, Kirk M. Bartko, Ali H. Habbtar, Saudi Aramco

Paper Number: SPE 73724

URL: https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-73724-MS


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